Versalogic Lead Generation Campaign 2014

Versalogic Whitepaper Campaign Whitepaper #1: MythBuster – “Extended Temperature” Embedded Computers When integrating Single Board Computers (SBCs) into industrial, military, and aerospace systems, engineers typically specify an extended temperature range SBC for their embedded computing requirements. The “extended temperature” designation theoretically assures that the SBC will perform reliably in extreme temperature environments. If an SBC supplier labels their product as “extended temperature”, then it will be reliable in the field. Right? Well, that depends. Are there commercial grade components…

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Trenton Systems Lead Generation Campaign 2014

Whitepaper: Optimizing PCIe 3.0 Backplane Designs for Performance and Reliability PCIe 3.0 is the latest release of the ubiquitous PCI Express high-speed peripheral interconnect standard that provides 8GT/s of interconnect bandwidth which doubles the PCIe 2.0 bit rate while preserving full compatibility with all existing software and mechanical interfaces. At the backplane design level, the doubling of data transfer rates in PCIe 3.0 means much higher signal speeds and additional signal integrity challenges. Important design issues include placement of…

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